Version 1.1.16

  • ADDED: Player new press-and-hold speed playback
  • ADDED: add subtitle font picker to movie player
  • ADDED: add aspect ratio picker to movie player
  • ADDED: add m4v/m2ts video format support
  • ADDED: add m4b audio format support
  • ADDED: add heic image format support
  • ADDED: add support to play shortcut videos for Google Drive
  • ADDED: add a switch for whether to automatically find available services
  • ADDED: add function that md5, sha1, sha256 can be copied by clicking on the file profile
  • ADDED: add Emby video/audio/subtitle selection
  • IMPROVED: improve experience of emby
  • FIXED: fix issue that Google Drive file list is not fully displayed
  • FIXED: fix issue that imported photos always store in root folder
  • FIXED: fix Emby play record not sync server issue
  • FIXED: fix issue that SFTP cannot connect with port other than 22

Version 1.1.15

date: 2021-11-18 (build 70)

  • ADDED: add Google Team Drive support
  • ADDED: add search to Emby
  • IMPROVED: improve Emby experience
  • FIXED: fix issue that some user may can not connect with Emby
  • FIXED: fix issue that can not load more with Emby list
  • FIXED: try to fix issue that can not play video with some SMB connection
  • FIXED: fix issue that icon of saved account not display correctly in iPad
  • FIXED: fix issue that edited name of cloud service will be reset

Version 1.1.14

date: 2021-11-14 (build 64)

  • ADDED: add long press to sort saved cloud service
  • IMPROVED: improve experience of Emby
  • IMPROVED: cloud service now supports editing name
  • IMPROVED: increase limit of images imported from photos
  • FIXED: fix issue that some video can not be played with Emby
  • FIXED: fix issue that iPad keyboard left and right arrow key can not fast forward and backward
  • FIXED: fix issue that created folder is not displayed when moving files
  • FIXED: fix issue that selected files not moved into newly created folder when moving files
  • FIXED: fix issue that video play rate not synchronized in PiP mode
  • FIXED: fix issue that local music and remote music can be played at the same time

Version 1.1.13

date: 2021-11-09 (build 63)

  • ADDED: add emby support
  • ADDED: add video quality picker for aliyun drive in laboratory
  • IMPROVED: improve view information of remote files
  • IMPROVED: improve movie playback rate up to 4.0x
  • FIXED: fix issue that incorrect file content after remote file update
  • FIXED: fix issue that batch rename will crash on iOS 14

Version 1.1.12

date: 2021-11-03 (build 62)

  • ADDED: add batch rename
  • ADDED: add drag and drop support to local file browser
  • ADDED: add drag and drop files from other applications for upload
  • ADDED: add delete confirmation switch
  • FIXED: fix issue that folder size always calculating
  • FIXED: fix issue that upload small file to OneDrive always fails

Version 1.1.11

date: 2021-10-27 (build 61)

  • ADDED: add picture in picture support for local video files
  • IMPROVED: improve user experience of moving remote files
  • FIXED: fix issue that some video files can not be played
  • FIXED: fix issue that progress of remote video not updated when play video from remote list
  • FIXED: fix issue that background audio glitch issue

Version 1.1.10

date: 2021-10-23 (build 60)

  • ADDED: add icon size picker to files
  • FIXED: fix issue that share action always shown in photo browser
  • FIXED: fix issue that can not turn off app lock when FaceID is enabled
  • FIXED: fix issue that when app lock enabled, presented view will be dismissed when come back from background
  • FIXED: fix issue that progress of recent movie not updated

Version 1.1.9

date: 2021-10-20 (build 59)

  • ADDED: add lyrics editor
  • FIXED: fix issue that ID3 information not updated immediately
  • FIXED: fix occasional crash when closing movie player
  • FIXED: fix crash that playing a movie with AutoRotate switch turned off

Version 1.1.8

date: 2021-10-17 (build 58)

  • IMPROVED: improve access to select audio track in video player
  • IMPROVED: improve access to select subtitle in video player
  • FIXED: fix issue that access token of OneDrive expires not correctly handled
  • FIXED: fix issue that artwork cloud not automatically updated when metadata is missing
  • FIXED: fix issue that video streamed from AliyunDrive cloud not resumed from playback history
  • FIXED: fix issue that recent history not removed when the source file deleted from remote server

Version 1.1.7

date: 2021-10-13 (build 57)

  • ADDED: add server type indicator to recent history
  • IMPROVED: improve performance of playing large amounts music
  • FIXED: fix issue that shuffle folder not working
  • FIXED: fix thumbnail load issue with Dropbpx
  • FIXED: fix title display issue with remote grid mode

Version 1.1.6

date: 2021-10-10 (build 56)

  • ADDED: add grid mode to remote browser
  • ADDED: add thumbnail for cloud service
  • ADDED: add thumbnail support for Text and PDF files
  • ADDED: add Laboratory to explore experimental features
  • FIXED: fix issue that delete video from video player does not clear playback history

Version 1.1.5

date: 2021-10-06 (build 54)

  • ADDED: add app lock
  • ADDED: add a switch for whether to pop up the player in the music player
  • ADDED: add thumbnail switch to video, audio and image files
  • FIXED: fix issue incorrect display of play button status after switching videos
  • FIXED: fix issue that the video player did not load the progress after switching videos

Version 1.1.4

date: 2021-09-28 (build 53)

  • FIXED: fix crash issue with iOS 14

Version 1.1.3

date: 2021-09-27 (build 52)

  • ADDED: add upload queue
  • ADDED: add large file upload support
  • FIXED: fix issue that load non-image files when browsing local images
  • FIXED: fix issue that audio and video files of WebDAV(HTTPS) can not be played under LAN
  • FIXED: fix issue that remove file/folder not working with NFS

Version 1.1.2

date: 2021-09-19 (build 50)

  • FIXED: fix issue that copy to Filebox not working
  • FIXED: Fix issue that video cannot be played with SMB connected through discovery
  • FIXED: fix issue that the error “Socket is not connected” may appear for SMB connection
  • FIXED: fix crash issue with non-exist nfs server

Version 1.1.1

date: 2021-09-17 (build 48)

  • ADDED: add preview remote text files
  • ADDED: add upload file support to BaiduPan
  • FIXED: fix issue that favorites folder may not be canceled
  • FIXED: fix download issue with BaiduPan and Dropbox

Version 1.1.0

date: 2021-09-14 (build 47)

  • ADDED: add auto discover network share services
  • ADDED: add search files to remote server
  • ADDED: add keybobard control for iPad when playing video
  • ADDED: remember last side bar selection for iPad
  • FIXED: fix issue that pull down to refresh arrow shown behind navigation bar
  • FIXED: fix issue that subtitle shown in search scopes
  • FIXED: fix issue that can not upload file with WebDAC connection
  • FIXED: fix issue that duration always been zero when playing video from pCloud
  • FIXED: fix list some folder issue with FTP connection

Version 1.0.24

date: 2021-09-03 (build 45)

  • ADDED: add MEGA support
  • IMPROVED: optimze filename order
  • FIXED: fix brightness view does not show while adjust screen brightness

Version 1.0.23

date: 2021-09-01 (build 43)

  • ADDED: add pull to refresh to cloud service
  • IMPROVED: remember collapsed setting of connection entry
  • FIXED: fix issue that OneDrive can not list folder

Version 1.0.22

date: 2021-08-26 (build 42)

  • ADDED: add import videos and photos from Photos app
  • ADDED: add WMV video format support
  • IMPROVED: improve favorite folders from cloud service

Version 1.0.21

date: 2021-08-23 (build 41)

  • ADDED: add Baidu Pan support
  • ADDED: add pCloud support
  • ADDED: add long press folder to shuffle
  • ADDED: add batch upload files and folders
  • IMPROVED: improve video player adjust volume experience
  • FIXED: fix issue that load subtitle from remote server can only load subtitle within root folder
  • FIXED: fix issue that remember video play history switch does not work

Version 1.0.20

date: 2021-08-17 (build 40)

  • ADDED: add upload context menu to local files
  • IMPROVED: improve search subtitle experience
  • FIXED: fix issue that remote connect account maybe saved twice
  • FIXED: fix issue that connect to server that does not have a nfs server will be crashed

Version 1.0.19

date: 2021-08-14 (build 39)

  • ADDED: add ability to preview local HTML files
  • IMPROVED: connect with SMB that address contains share name now automatically connects the specified share
  • FIXED: fix issue that move remote files only moves the first file
  • FIXED: fix issue that playing ts format video get duration wrong
  • FIXED: fix issue that can not play video with some SMB connection

Version 1.0.18

date: 2021-08-08 (build 38)

  • ADDED: add Box support
  • ADDED: add Google Drive support
  • ADDED: add photo browser to OneDrive and Dropbox
  • IMPROVED: Hide video controls when swipe to forward and backward
  • FIXED: fix some folder could not list files with OneDrive connection

Version 1.0.17

date: 2021-08-06 (build 37)

  • ADDED: add Dropbox support
  • FIXED: fix issue that recent movie title wrong with OneDrive

Version 1.0.16

date: 2021-08-02 (build 36)

  • ADDED: add OneDrive support
  • ADDED: add local photo browser

Version 1.0.15

date: 2021-07-30 (build 35)

  • ADDED: add option to select audio track in video player
  • ADDED: add option to turn off auto save video playback history
  • FIXED: fix issue that remote audio file
  • FIXED: fix issue that remember video play history not working at iPad

Version 1.0.14

date: 2021-07-22 (build 34)

  • ADDED: add NFS remote protocol support
  • ADDED: add subtitle abilities to video player
  • ADDED: add file sort menu to remote files
  • ADDED: add flac and caf audio file format support
  • ADDED: add webm and ogg video file format support
  • FIXED: fix connection issue with Synology which enables 2-Step verification

Version 1.0.13

date: 2021-07-16 (build 33)

  • ADDED: add delete file action to movie player
  • ADDED: add remote music file playback support
  • IMPROVED: remember last expand or collapse behavior of saved accounts and favorited folders
  • IMPROVED: improve reveval search result
  • FIXED: fix issue that can not search song when music player is not playing
  • FIXED: fix crash when using guest mode to connect to SMB server
  • FIXED: fix crash when taking snapshot of a video but current player does not has a video output
  • FIXED: fix issue that connect without username and password using WebDAV may cause crash
  • FIXED: fix connecting issue with FTP

Version 1.0.12

date: 2021-07-03 (build 32)

  • ADDED: add now playing music bar to iPad
  • ADDED: add auto update music metadata switch toggle
  • IMPROVED: Reduce the size of app
  • FIXED: fix issue that compressed file can not be decompressed for the second time
  • FIXED: fix issue that folder cannot be compressed

Version 1.0.11

date: 2021-06-30 (build 30)

  • ADDED: add movie playlist in movie player
  • ADDED: add more swipe actions to file
  • FIXED: fix issue that music player maybe presented twice
  • FIXED: fix issue that 7z and tar files do not decompress when tap the file

Version 1.0.10

date: 2021-06-18 (build 28)

  • add movie playlist in library when they are tv series
  • improve library movie artwork load performance
  • fix issue that auto fetch metadata not working as expected
  • fix issue that movies with uppercased extension can not be played
  • fix change play mode not working when playing music

Version 1.0.9

date: 2021-06-13 (build 27)

  • redesign the UI of file information viewer
  • add image browser to remote images (WebDAV/Synology/SMB/FTP)
  • add now playing item animation in playlist
  • add information viewer to remote files
  • fix issue that invalid address may cause crash when connect with SMB connection
  • fix issue that compress file always fails

Version 1.0.8

date: 2021-06-09 (build 26)

  • add rating information to movie metadata
  • add multiple selection support to add file from Files
  • fix issue that in certain scenario WebDAV can not be connected
  • fix rename file and move file issue with WebDAV connection
  • fix issue that advanced information not loaded when editing saved network share account
  • improve performance

Version 1.0.7

date: 2021-06-05 (build 25)

  • add a way to edit metadata of library recent played movies
  • add a new network share protocol: WebDAV(HTTPS)
  • fix connection issue with WebDAV server
  • fix download file issue with WebDAV and FTP connections
  • fix now playing bar music artwork not clipped issue
  • improve recent played movie title to two lines to display more information

Version 1.0.6

date: 2021-06-03 (build 24)

  • Add playback list to recent played videos
  • fix issue that toolbar will overlaped by now playing bar when editing remote server files
  • fix issue that download nested folder will always failed
  • fix issue that when files removed but recent played videos not updated

Version 1.0.5

date: 2021-05-31 (build 22)

  • Redesign Library tab
  • Redesign now playing bar of music player
  • add context menu to file search result
  • add goto folder to file search result
  • improve music player last playlist

Version 1.0.4

date: 2021-05-26 (build 20)

  • add movie playback history progress to remote video
  • add multiple selection operations to remote files
  • fix issue with deleting folder with SFTP connection

Version 1.0.3

date: 2021-05-14 (build 16)

  • add download HTTP resources directly
  • now you can play previous/next video in video player when playing folders contains multiple videos
  • fix smb path issue cause can note create folder and delete files
  • optimize remote login error message
  • add website in about page
  • fix page control color issue in onboarding page
  • fix the problem that remote folders are not updated when moving files in some cases
  • fix address and protocol not saved when edit remote account

Version 1.0.2

date: 2021-05-12 (build 15)

  • add onboarding screen
  • add home screen quick action to shuffle music
  • add transfer files via AirDrop
  • add sleep timer to music player
  • add get started documents
  • fix markdown export pdf page size issue
  • fix orientation issue with video player when returned from background

Version 1.0.1

date: 2021-05-09 (build 11)

  • add more icon in remote browser to trigger contextual menu
  • improve video play history managment
  • fix mail feedback cancel button tapped has no effect issue
  • fix video can not played in downloading page
  • fix font setting value not updated when new font selected
  • fix airdrop cold launch files not copied issue

Version 1.0.0

date: 2021-05-04 (build 10)

  • initial release